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Occasionally get corrupt finished downloads


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Just thought i'd pass this problem by everyone.

Sometimes, (especially on larger files), I am getting corrupted rar's and files after they have finished downloading.

I reload em into utorrent and force a re-check and they are around 99% finished and need to re-download a few more pieces.

I thought utorrent automatically re-downloaded failed hash check pieces?

Anyway, it's happening about 50% of the time.

There is the occasional fail hash check message in the log - 2 or 3 per day.

It's no biggy, I just force a re-check on everything that has finished downloading (anyway of this being automatic)?

It's weird because, it never happened on my Dual Core system (Opteron 175, A8N Premium, 1GB RAM, 400GB HDD's) which has recently died :(

I'm now using an old backup P.C while I rebuild the opty - 1.4GHz Athlon with 512MB RAM, only 20GB HDD, same router as before, maybe this hardware is just too old / knackered?

I only have 1Mbit download which shouldn't overload this old setup!

I am begging to think the RAM/HDD are just too old and probably on their last legs!

Any suggestions?

P.S. Respect for this fine program - used it for about 2 years now, it should win an award or something!

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