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Create .torrent, compatible with trackers that have the same file?


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I downloaded a file (public beta for a game) from a tracker although the speed from that tracker was limited. So i decided to host that file on my own tracker, I created a .torrent from that file trough uTorrent and hosted it on my tracker.

When someone then downloads that .torrent while downloading from the slow tracker at the same time I want that person to be able to have both trackers available. This does not work uTorrent starts a new download for my .torrent. If one manually add my tracker to the original .torrent with the slow tracker the response one gets is that my tracker does not accept that .torrent.

The hash inside the two torrent files is different (why, the file is the same and also the part size?) there is no problem with the file since if a only use my tracker uTorrent checks the file and it is 100% accepted. (exactly the same file)

How can I host a torrent of a file that I have downloaded from another tracker that is compatible with that tracker in the beginning?

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