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ClearWire.... any tips??? It's SLOW!!!!


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I've recently gone from Charter broadband to ClearWire for my ISP. ClearWire is good for general surfing and standard downloads (well, std. downloads aren't great, but bearable), but for torrents, IT SUCKS!!! Does anyone out there have any info or tips on how I can get ClearWire to d/l torrents faster? Clearwire is an ISP that uses cell phone towers. It's not available in all parts of the US yet. But if anyone out there has it, and knows how to get torrents to go fast..... they'll vary greatly in download speed; from 0.0 (the connection appears to die completely) to maybe 28kpbs if I'm lucky. HELP!!! 3 days for a 700mb file is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!


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