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Strange problem?? blockes connection??


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Hi everyone

i hope you have a little time helping me out here :-)

my problem is that when my utorrent is running for about 2-4 hours it automatickly blocks my ports? i get the yellow treangle, something wrong with our connection thing??

the strange thing is that i have set my NAT corectly and i have no firewall and antivirus..

futheremore when i change the IP on the computer and change the port in utorrent, and the NAT connection in my router, my ports are open again for about 2-4 hours... strange!

my Router is a Zyxel P-2602HW D1A

somehow it "looks" like my ISP is blocking for the ports or the full trafic.. i have tryed both new and old virsions of utorrent...

does anyone know why i have this problem?


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