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Iv read through many of the posts and some of them note errors that are occuring with my utorrent, but i am new to this and i dont know which problems apply to me?

I am using:

The Shield Deluxe (anti-virus)

Zone Alarm Pro (Firewall)

On a wireless internet connection provided by a Netgear Wireless Router WPN824.

The problem that is annoying me most is that utorrent appears to knock off my internet connection every 10 minutes and for the time that my internet connection is active i cannot use utorrent and internet explorer at the same time!

I have allowed access to utorrent on my firewall and it is a trusted program on my antivirus.

If someone could help i would be very greatful!



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Zone Alarm has been problematic for many people who post here. The general consensus is only fully uninstalling Zone Alarm helped.

You may not have set your upload speed correctly.

What is your connection's max upload speed? (NOTE: This is often as little as 1/20th of max download speed!)

What settings are you using in µTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Lastly, if none of that helped...try this:


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