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1.7.1 build 3360 - tracker offline


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Hi, I recently updated from µTorrent 1.6.1 to 1.7.1 , and I've got a weird problem.

I was downloading a torrent and seeding another 2, and after updating µTorrent suddenly reports that the 3 trackers were "offline (timed out)", but still working, uploading only tough. Each torrent status icon color turn red from "correct" green/blue. Everything worked and works OK with 1.6.1, but not with 1.7 or 1.7.1, so I switched back to 1.6.1. Any ideas?

I'm using XP SP2 and D-Link DSL 504-T ADSL router, Symantec AV + FW and I've never had a problem with this great torrent client since very early versions. Of course I updated the firewall rules to make it work properly, as I do with every new version.

Thanks in advance,


*update: same happens with 1.7, so I edited the post but can't change the thread's name, sorry

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Thanks for your quick reply, Ultima.

I've tried everything on listed on your sig, in fact I already knew some of those workarounds, maybe I've never had a problem with uTorrent before because of that :P

# Color of the network status light:

always green

# What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes:

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 65525 on

OK! Port 65525 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

# What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be (press Ctrl+G in µTorrent):

Upload limit: 23kb

Upload slots: 6kb

Connections: 38

Connections (global): 200

Max active torrrents: 5

Mac active downloads: 1

# Operating system installed:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2

# Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware)

Symantec AntiVirus

Symantec Client Firewall

# Exact router model(s), and exact modem model

D-Link DSL 504-T

# ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used

ya.com, Spain (listed as "limits bandwidth during certain times of the day") here

# Connection type (DSL, cable, dial-up), and the results obtained from the speed test


Speed: 320 Kbps Upstream,

1024 Kbps Downstream

Speed test Java:

Server: Florida, USA, CA

ISP: rima-tde.net

Test 2007-07-21 08:18:05 EST @ speedtest.dslreports.com

download: 728 / 151 (Kbps)

upload: (88.8 / 18.4 KB/sec)

I'm usually getting 90-100 KB for upload and 20-30 KB for upload on fast torrents

My system specs:

Mainboard : Asus P4S800

Chipset : SiS 648FX

Processor : Intel Pentium 4 @ 2400 MHz (533Mhz FSB, no HT)

Physical Memory : 1024 MB (2 x 512 DDR-SDRAM )

Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 6600 GT

Hard Disk : Maxtor (300 GB)

Hard Disk : ST3160021A (160 GB)

Network Card : Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) SiS900 10/100 Ethernet Adapter

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2

DirectX : Version 9.0c (november 2006)

BTW, I'be noticed that Symantec Client Firewall reports this, and never did before:

Details: Rule "Default Block DeepThroat Trojan horse" stealthed (VAGABOND-IT(,6771).

Inbound UDP packet.

Local address,service is (,6771).

Remote address,service is (VAGABOND-IT(,6771).

Process name is "C:\Archivos de programa\uTorrent\utorrent.exe".

I've changed the firewall rules to allow those remote & local addresses, and looks it's not bugging anymore. I've checked the fw log as well

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I've already disabled uPNP because I was using a static IP like it's been said on the setup guide & , portforward.com , but noticed a new option in 1.7.x : "enable NAT-PMP port mapping".

I disabled it, and 1.7.1 seems to be working properly now, for some hours at least, so I assume you were right.

Many thanks, Ultima :)

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DSL Speed:

1024 Kbps Downstream

320 Kbps Upstream

...Yet your speed test came up with these values:

download: 728 / 151 (Kbps)

upload: (88.8 / 18.4 KB/sec)

...which I can only conclude is either a typo by you or wherever you did the speed test.

Rewritten to make more sense, that would be 728 kilobits/sec down (or 88.8 KiloBYTES/sec down)...and 151 kilobits/sec up (or 18.4 KiloBYTES/sec up).

If those numbers are accurate, you're getting less than 75% of your connection's rated download max and less than 50% of your connection's rated upload max. That suggests either your DSL line is at max range from the DSLAM exchange, a 'hidden' load on your line at the time of the speed test (you did stop everything using the internet before testing, right?), or very severe networking problems...though I don't know enough to determine if it's hardware or software networking problems...or both!

The information you have already given strongly suggests your line doesn't handle lots of connections at once very well. You might even see problems with 40 connections TOTAL and/or default half open connection rate of 8 in µTorrent.

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Well, those are the test results, I can usually get 90-100 KB/s (KiloBytes) download and up to 25-30 KB/s upload, if the torrent is working fast enough of course. And yeah, I stopped everything first before the test that day, but I can get 830 Kbps (Kilobits) and so on sometimes.

Anyway, I guess you're right, my router and connection are crappy, not to mention my ISP, but we got even worse ISPs in Spain. I'll follow your suggestions about the max. number of connections and I'll post here later (if I remember).

Thanks for your reply, Switeck :)

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