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Stopping at 90%


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Hey, a few day ago, i was downloadig a program, and it was pretty fast for my connection, arround 70kb/s, and the other day, when i was going to see if the download was finished, it was 90.3% done and the speed was between 0 and 0.2kb/s.

I waited to see if would get beck to normal, but nothing happend so, i satarted donwloading again, this time teh download was unbelievable fast, it got up to 170kb/s.I just let my computer on, and went to sleep, hoping to see the donwload done.But then, same hting happend, it stopped at 90.4%, and it is, right now, donwloading ath 0,2kb/s

is may connection the problem or is it the uTorrent configuration..what should i do?

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