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Utorrent unable to download torrents...


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hello ppl,

im appreciat for have you for our guidence

i been using utorrent from couple of days..

it was realy pleased to have good torrent download software. it works really well

problem went through:

Manually forwarding a port "Options > Preferences > Connections".. i had no problem while downloading torrents..

but from last 2 days happining nothign frm utorrent.. no downloading... offcourse i forgot port number on wich i have downloaded...

now i want to use it back for download torrents.. i still having Options > Preferences > Connections.. and following exactly what is given by "Setting up µTorrent".

i think the problem is with port..

so pls let me st port ..


internet modem

thnk u

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Can you help me please?...I'm brand new at this...I got some instructions about downloading a torrent but it still doesn't work...I got a torrent-I think,and i Got the programme "uTorrent" and when I try to download what I want-it only keeps showi ng "CONNECTING" but it doesn't even start to download...

ANy suggestions?

p.s.please be precise as you can cause as I said-I'M BRAND NEW AT THIS!

oh...-and I also use kaspersky.

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