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What is the total time period of the speed graph when set at 5 minutes


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What is the full screen width time period for the 5 minute per step setting?

I believe it to be about 1000 minutes or 16 hours. How close am I ?

Thank you.


A side Q for a newbie . my first post I think..

I would have added a screen cap to help clarify my question but was not sure

where or if I can upload a small gif file.

Is it possible and if so where to do it ?

A newbie observation of the people here :

This is one of the best group of people in 30 forums I belong to.

Everyone seems to be helpful and I don't see any flames. In fact I see several

instances of self deprecating behavior . That indicates good character.

I'm glad to be here.


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http://imageshack.us is a pretty reliable place to host images (though annoying/slow).

A screenshot really would be helpful, though, as I've no clue what you're referring to in your question xD

Edit: OH. Wait, I just re-read your title, and realized what you meant. It's 10 hours. The space between each vertical line represents an hour of graph data, as you'll notice by looking at the bottom-left corner while the resolution is set to 5 minutes (Grid: 1 hour).

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