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  1. I think it is pretty stupid to use .nu in sweden, just because it is a word. Remapping is only for domains that are not country specific.
  2. Since nobody answered my question in my separate thread: Does anyone know the default order of the flags if flags.conf is not used? I am using a flags.bmp but without the conf and i can only sort the flags if an unknown peer appears.
  3. This could simply be combined with the peer_resolve_country. If i want the country resolved, i want it immediately and not after 30 seconds. The load to the internet connection is negligible. And there is something like perceived speed. utorrent feels slower if i have to wait for the flags. The few seconds it takes a big torrent to load with resolve_country won't be noticed.
  4. The remapping of domains like "" still doesn't work. And since i am one who likes to look at the country flags in the list of peers, i find the delay of the ip resolution very annoying. (just to repeat myself)
  5. This may be true for not so popular torrents. But he said there were 500 seeders, but the torrent did not complete. I have seen some torrents, which have a very good S/L ratio at the beginning. The ratio was even better than expected for a popular file. This already was suspicious. These torrents stall at 99,x% and all the 100% seeders mysteriously vanish from the list. Also suspicious are high numbers of outdated clients. I have seen fake torrents with many Azureus 2306 clients. Most of the time these peers are also from a rather narrow IP range.
  6. blackspawn' date=' check your uT port configuration to see if it changed. If your slowdown started with 1.6 that could be the reason.[/quote'] I've check the settings and they are correct (12880 on both uTorrent and my router) giving me a green light. uTorrent was on all night long (over 16+ hours now since it reached 99.7%) and I still haven't received the rest of the file. I'm connected to around 40 peers and 90% of them have the file at 99.7% like me. I'm still registering over 500 seeds... this never happened to me before. Anyway this doesn't seem to be a problem with uTorrent after all cause all other peers (Azureus and Bitcomet) I'm connected with also have it at 99.7%. It's still strange though.. Fake torrent
  7. whois -> US, no problem Which strange tool do you use to get the CC?
  8. They should be resolved all the time if i want them to be resolved. I don't want to wait if i look at the list. If someone doesn't want the peers to be resolved, he should turn it of completely. The way it works now is very irritating.
  9. I've never seen this. Take a screenshot next time. I doubt that remapping the domain to the already correct TLD will fix this because remapping doesn't work with anything else than .net or .com. Or did it fix it in your case?
  10. There is a tracker column and a tracker status column. The status cycles through the trackers but not the tracker column. IMHO these should be combined.
  11. Well, lawyers will take lots of funny clients. But imagine a young nerd walking into a lawyers office talking about how he was made fun of on a forum of a swedish domain about a P2P application.
  12. What an idiot! Actually there is a similar case in germany right now. A so-called "callboy" threatens all kind of people with law suits, even lawyers. I really like to see how he sues you guys in Sweden because of this. He seems to be the only one who totally freaks out all the time. Any sane lawyer would tell him to shut up.
  13. Yepp, i understood you right. As i said, it is useless most of the time and requires a lot more work to maintain the list because whois doesn't work for subdomains and you have to trace every peer. As for your example. The companys domain is registered in Sweden. But the server for is located in the UK. According to their website they are also located in Antigua Bahamas Barbados Belize, Central America Bermuda Canada Cayman Islands Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Republic Jamaica Mexico Netherland Antilles Nicaragua Trinidad in North & Central America. And there are also locations in Latin America. I doubt that the subdomain "americas" refers only to Mexico. I once had a peer where the domain was of company in the US. The administrative contact was somewhere near Indonasia and the peer was located somewhere else again. IMHO subdomain checking is useless most of the time, takes much more work to check. My guess is that it will never be implemented and i second that.
  14. I know that the implementation of looking up subdomains is trivial. But now you just check the whois entry and that's it. If you want to check subdomains, where do you want to look? If the ISP was so kind to give a hint in the domain name, you are lucky, but this is very rare. Otherwise you have to traceroute almost every peer you see. There is no other way to tell where a peer is located. And if you look at the common names of peers it is more often the case that the type of connection is the subdomain. Also many peer names make no sense at all, they are just the encoded IP or a node number. If you think, i misunderstand you, please give an example how it should work.