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2 instances of uTorrent running on 2 different NICs?


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I have studied this but it does not give an answer to my question.

To improve my seeding potential currently I use two PCs on two different IPs that seed the same torrents. The rationale behind this is that in a large swarm my seeding capability is more or less limited by the total download speed of the leechers divided by the number of peers rather than by my upload bandwidth (I have very fast symmetrical connections). So if I seed the same torrent from two IPs then I appear in a large swarm as two peers and have roughly double seeding potential. This works fine but it requires copying the files from one PC to the other; this costs time and the files take up double the HDD space.

So for seeding the same torrent from 2 IPs I'd like to run two instances of uTorrent using two different network adapters configured for two different IPs in the same PC. (I know that downloading a specific torrent can only be done by one instance of uTorrent but seeding should be OK as it does not involve write access to the files.)

Is this feasible?

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Set net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip for one client.

Then, copy settings.dat and the exe into another directory. Create a shortcut to the exe, add /RECOVER to the end of it. Start it, then set net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip for one adapter.

If you start the /RECOVER copy first, then you'll need to make a shortcut for the other one and start it with the same flag, as µT won't let you run more than one instance (and the flag is designed to bypass that check).

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