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How to recover torrents I created.


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Long-time user; first-time poster ;)

Last night I had a lightning strike and subsequent power failure while uTorrent was running. When I got things back up and running again, there were no torrents running in uTorrent at all (there were 4 when it all went crash). Two of the torrents were downloads, so I just went to the utorrent directory where all of the torrents are stored and reloaded them... utorrent promptly checked the files that had already been downloaded into the temp directory and took off where it left off. All's good.

Two of the torrents were torrents that I created. I have no idea how to get them back up the way that they were. I loaded the torrent files, hoping that I could shut the program down, put the complete copies of the files into the temp directory, and have it check them and declare itself a seeder, but no such luck... it doesn't recognize that they're there. I could create a new torrent, but that would mean redistributing a new torrent file, right? 197Gb in makes it tough to start from scratch again... not impossible, but I'd really prefer to just be able to have the old torrent running again.

Thoughts? I appreciate any help anyone may be able to offer.

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