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speed slow if file size is large


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i have a weird problem concerning speeds, i usually download large files (ie whole season of series) and i manage to have an average speed of 25-45kb/sec with a 2Mbps connection (max is 256kb/sec) and while the seeds are OVER 100 with many more peers (some times more than 1000).

now, i would say that this is a configuration problem until lately, when i tried to download a file which was around 200Mb, in this file i MAXIMIZED my download speed! i was in fact downloading @230kb/sec..

two days later i tried a file that was around 350Mb and my speed was around 120kb/sec...

does the size of the file have anything to do with the speeds i get?

extra info:

1. my connection 2Mbps down / 256kbps up

2. using the latest μTorrent client

3. peers/seeds are usually above 100/1000

4. tried some of the tweaks on net

thanx for the help in advance!

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File size should have little if any impact on download speeds. Download speeds will however depend on a number of factors: connection speed, peer speed, connection settings, etc.

You are saying that your connection speed is 2Mbps/256kbps, though these nice even numbers lead me to believe that you are getting these numbers from information your ISP gives you, which is generally a high estimate. This will vary depending on time of day, number of users on your loop, and your network setup. I suggest that you test your speed at SpeedTest. These numbers do however seem close to real though, since you report a max download speed of 256kBps (the unit that µTorrent reports in), which is exactly 2Mbps (ignoring the difference between k/M and Ki/Mi since it is irrelevant). If your upload speed isn't limited, or the limit is set too high, it may also interfere with your download speed.

There is really nothing that you can do about the speed of your peers. You can however maximize your connection settings, which can help your speed. Use the calculator in my signature to optimize your settings.

Admittedly though, it is peculiar that the larger files are getting lower speeds, but that is likely due to the types of people in the swarm (low upload rates).

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If people typically leave about 1 hour after a torrent finishes downloading, then for small torrents they may already uploaded a bunch...but for large torrents the amount they uploaded is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall size of the torrent.

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ty for your concern.

1.Too many connections at once can cripple your download/upload speeds.

-i connect to 115 peers.. i have configured that.

2.Are you connecting to more than 50 peers/seeds?

-shouldnt i?? :P

3.Do you have a high half open rate?

-it was at 8, i got it to 4

4.Is µTorrent unfirewalled?

nope, i use windows firewall, μtorrent is on the exeption list and so is its port!

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