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Enable sending download statistics


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Hi to you all and thanks for a very small yet extremely handy and resource small client. I have only one question that seems to concern me slightly.

On the updated version 1.1.2, in the advanced options setting, the following is enabled by default.

Enable sending download statistics to uTorrents website.

After checking through the forums I found that these statistics involve

The total # of bytes you uploaded

The total # of bytes you downloaded

The total # of files you downloaded

The total running time of uTorrent

Are there any other statistics being sent and if there are what are they? Also, I'm guessing that these stats are being used to help build the next release of the client? Another question is, why is this sort of stats collection tool enabled by default with no mention anywhere in the program that it has been turned on?

I hope these can be answered and will look forward to hearing from you.


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Other than those you mentioned, just the language your system uses. It's part of the update checking procedure and no personal information is ever collected. There is NO violation of privacy whatsoever. The next version only sends version/language information and the statistics option is removed (since no statistics are sent anymore)

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