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does this look right?


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right im on 2mb cable broadband. i have forwarded the port and utorrent is the only thing that is using the net. plus i dont really know what im talkin about!

[image removed for content]

[link removed for content]

look at the speed, it seems really slow? is this the sorta download speed i should expect from this type of program?


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Well, can't see what speed it was.

But not all torrents will max your connection, theres many different factors that will effect the speed. On 2mb cable a happy bunny download speed would be 200-240 kb/s.

But if your getting anything over 100 kb/s then you should be satisfied also.

If your not getting over 20 kb/s (or any other small amount compared to your max) on ANY torrents, ever. Then maybe there are some firewall/router issues.

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