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  1. DomZ

    WebUI v0.315

    Time for me to catch up on this. Nice one Directrix!
  2. Just write a script to count how many commars? (and add one at the end, cuz the last name isn't followed by a commar)
  3. I'm pretty sure that ludde didn't make the icons, so in theory, more than one person was involved on adding/making the icons. I'm just nit picking though.
  4. People who are throttled shouldn't have to suffer because you got encryption turned off.
  5. I been screaming for overall ratio sine day 1
  6. You need to disable legacy "allow incoming legacy connections" for full encrypted connections.
  7. It does use the last used DIR. But at the moment there is no way of settings a default for the bitcomet style add dialogue.
  8. I find that one looks more like a scam. And the green is too dark for my liking.
  9. Well, that's the best I've seen from you yet ignorantcow. I love it!
  10. BSH's site design = awesome. I'm now settled, I want BSH the designer.
  11. If you have "put new downloads in [default is to ask]" checked in folder options, then you wont see the bitcomet style dialog (which I think is wrong, but I got shot down in IRC). So disable that in folder options and the dialog should pop up.
  12. µWrite (cd writer) µPod ()
  13. hahahaaha, now that's awesome.