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90.7 percent for some reason


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hi, i'm new here, been using uTorrent for a while now and i love it, but i upgraded to the newest one and for some reason everything i download stops or slows right down when it gets to 90.7%

0.1kbps downloads but uploading fast as anything, tons of seeds and peers but down downloading.

has anyone come accross this problem and can it be fixed?

if no one has had this problem can someone give me a link on where to download a previous version as i deleted it thinking the newer version would be fine, oh how wrong i was

thanks for reading and thanks in advance if you get back to me

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It's probably a fake or thoroughly poisoned torrent.

You either never connect to any seeds, or the seeds you are connected with never send you anything...other than maybe something that fails hash check.

Are the other peers at nearly the same percent?

What's the availability of that torrent?

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