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1-to-1 if you can, upload 1.5 times what you download if you are able.

Anything more is probably unnecessary.

Any torrent that has no (or few) seeds, multiple peers, and an availability below 2 counting yourself needs a lot more help from you than a torrent with lots of seeds and few peers. No need to simply make torrents FASTER for others, you're needing to free space...so best to keep torrents alive that would (likely) otherwise die. ...And stop the rest even if you haven't reached 1-to-1 ratio, because you're not needed there to "save" them.

If you find out a torrent is junk due to the file/s in it being garbage or low quality, don't feel the need to continue seeding them. There's LOTS of fake torrents out there that should be spotted and stopped as soon as possible.

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I've been a uTorrent user for quite a while, but never had any questions until now...

Mine is very simple. I always set my ratio to 1.5, however in uTorrent 1.8 when I specify the "1.5", I click apply then Ok, when I reopen the preferences, it says only "1" do I need to type "150" ? I see some of the older torrents I'm seeding at ratios over 3.0 so I'm not sure... I'd like to archive the files that have finished seeding (or should have)

Thanks! and sorry to bring up a year old thread

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