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uTorrent standalone annoyingly auto-installs


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One of the things I liked about uTorrent is that in the past (AFAIK), it leaves no trace of it being ever ran on the machine other than the appdata folder, and probably a registry value (that nobody would really find soon without trying).

Now it's like an installer that doesn't prompt you. It automatically:

- copies itself to C:\Program Files\uTorrent

- associates itself with .torrent files AUTOMATICALLY

And I'm not really allowed to torrent files on school terminals, and I didn't realize it left traces like that, until I was caught. >_<

And I can't even figure out how to remove the file association on the Win98 terminals (which is a dead giveaway, since the computer technicians who forbid us also torrent files on their free time), and I can't find it at Folder Options->File Types either :/

Is there a way to at least get prompted with an option NOT to do either or both of those things?

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