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Rethink Force Start


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I've been going through the forums for a while and it seems a lot of people misuse Force Start. The thinking behind this I believe is that you'll get your files quicker if all the downloads are force started.

I share my (fair use managed) bandwidth with a compulsive force starter, he's set up the scheduler but with his hundreds of [F]s it doesn't really help.

I suggest that the force start in the context menu simply starts the torrent only ignoring the queue but not ignoring the scheduler. Perhaps with a warning message explaining about spreading the bandwidth too thinly and how to increase queue settings.

In the property pages of each torrent add an "Ignore Schedule" setting.

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Personally I use force start for all my torrents when they are downloading. I only download 2-3 torrents at a time max so it don't matter much. I also force seed torrents because I don't like how the queueing drops my upload speed for extended periods of times. I rather keep my upload maxed to keep my ratio up, than to not be uploading anything at all (during those 'dropped' upload times).

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Sorry might have to rephrase myself.

Force Start does too many things on one option. Separating these options would solve many problems (which I've seen scattered around the forum)

Maybe these separate settings:

Per torrent settings

"Ignore Queue Settings" <--Start Downloading regardless of position in queue

"Ignore Scheduler" <--24/7 Downloading

In µTorrent Settings

"Ignore Queue on Completion" <-- Automated Force Seed (within scheduled times unless 'Ignore scheduler' is set)

"Ignore Schedule on Completion" <-- 24/7 Seeding

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