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First of all, my apologies if I'm missing anything glaringly obvious. What seems to happen here is I cannot get a dload rate higher than 25k per second (that being a good second), all together. Meaning whether i have 1, 2, or 3 torrents running, the total of the dload rate doesn't exceed 25k. usually less. i've tried setting my speed guides anywhere from 92 to 256, and it makes little difference. Why this bothers me is because when i speed test, i get 857 down and 201 up, using clearwire internet and the sun java test, using the flash text i get 339 down and 196 up. When i tried one of the test torrents suggested, stopping other torrents, it still maxed out at a 25k download rate (at that point i had my speed set to 192). The port checker gives me a green ok, and the status light in utorrent is green. netmax half open is set to 8 (havn't touched it). Running windows Vista ultimate 32 bit as my operating system (tried the suggested patch to no avail). Currently running AVG anti-virus 7.5 professional edition. Using the standard clearwire modem, only one i've seen (If somone knows how to find a model on that I'd be more than happy to include it, all i saw was part number, sn, etc.), and no router is involved. Also i unchecked enable DHT network and for new torrents. If I missed any details, let me know, and I appreciate any and all help in this matter, even if it's telling me I'm being silly and need to turn on/off such and such.

Thank You.

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