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Upload higher then download


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Are those measured speed values speeds you've actually been able to reach and sustain using any other program?

...ever download that fast from a website or upload that fast?

If they are in fact correct, you could use xx/2mbit in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and even double your upload speed without many problems.

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Then let's try going the OTHER route:

Fewer upload slots but more torrents!

upload limit:400kB/s

upload slots:5

connections/torrent: 80

connections (global):750

max active torrents:10

max active downloads:9

Also make sure the "use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%" is checked, that way µTorrent will seek out additional fast peers if/when you're not uploading at max. End result, more fast peers should be uploading to you BECAUSE you're uploading to them.

Please tell us if you're actually ever reaching and SUSTAINING the upload speed max. If not, then you're NOT going to get good download speeds as a result!

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