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Sorry for bringing this up - i've read stuff about ie6 not working with the web ui.

Basicly, I don't like ie7 because its to cluttered and generally a **** and I can't use firefox due to accessability problems.

Is there any way at all of getting the ui working with ie6? also, the machine thats running it can't exactly take xp + php + mysql so something like torrentflux is not an option.

Could someone let me no what the status with ie6 is? Is anything going to happen?

Chears and thx for the great client.


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bmustill, I hate IE7 and firefox... I used IE6 for ages... but then I switched over to opera... if you haven't tried it you should. It's fast and less bloated and ugly than ie7/firefox... and the windows native skin appears similar to IE6... the buttons are customizable, and the menu, tab, and address bar vertical ordering are changeable using skins...

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