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Utorrent "connection closed by peers"


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Utorrent isn't working for me at all. No matter what i try to download with it, i get the "Connection closed by peers." I even tried to download the Open Office .Org torrent, and that didn't work at all. Could this be that my isp is blocking my torrent downloads. I have CMSinter.net for my isp. well, thanks to anyone in advance in who can help me.

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Seems like cannot be helped.


Ok so here's the deal, doesn't matter what P2P program I use, it never connects. My ISP is http://www.CMSinter.net/


So basically CMS is blocking ALL p2p now. Way to fold.

Check out this email.

CMSInter.Net Users:

Unfortunately due to repeated requests from our upstream provider as well as lawyers from the RIAA and Motion Picture Association, we are being forced to disable all P2P file sharing. Effective immediately all P2P traffic will be terminated.

While we realize that some P2P file sharing is legitimate, the majority of it is illegal.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but our hands unfortunately are tied on this matter.

I have attached copies of emails from the various companies requesting action.


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