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utorrent chrash after update


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I updated my utorrent to 1.7.2 on my to computers. But at one of them utorrent starts to download for a while ( between 5 min up to 2-3 hours ) then it chrash .

I have sent a report to utorrent about this but I want to download the files that I've started.

I've try to uninstall and install it again but same thing. Utorrent works smoothly before on this computer and it works on my laptop but I don't want to have my laptop as downloadcomputer.

What more can I do?

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There's almost certainly a MAJOR software incompatibility on that crashing computer.

My guess, a virus/trojan/spyware is to blame -- probably one typical antivirus/antispyware doesn't detect.

You'll probably need HijackThis!, Process Explorer, and possibly TCP View as well to locate the offending program.

Please post a process explorer active program log if you need further help.

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