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Common Port Issue, thank you for helping...


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Hi all,

First of all thank you for taking the time to pop in, I know this is a very common issue thus I hope that it will be solved with ease.

My issue is quite basic, I used to use Azureus with which I successfully forwarded my port(s). Now that I have switched to uTorrent and followed the same procedures I cannot get the same result.

I have picked a 5 digit port within the recommended range, followed the router forwarding instructions and yet I still get the 'Error! Port xxxxx does not appear to be opened.

I would appreciate any help I can get and to make this go as smootly as possible, here are a few answers to expected queries:

- My router is a Netgear Wireless DG834G

- I have followed the 'PortForwarding' instructions to the letter

- I have disabled uPnP from the uTorrent settings

- I have allowed the port through my Firewall (which even off gives the same result)

- My IP address appears to be well fixed for some time now, it hasn't switched and I

do monitor it

I hope that this is enough info but should you need anymore please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks once again,


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Hi, What is the Make & Model of your Modem, I think your Router is a Combo Unit?? Also you need to setup a Static IP. Read this guide on how to Choose a static IP:


Also Read this guide on Why you need a Static IP:


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Your modem box... Westell, model 6100 has a mini-router and/or firewall in it that ALSO has to be configured so you're not firewalled.

Try doing a search of these forums for that same modem for how to configure it...because unfortunately I don't know how. (don't have one to test on.)

It might be at www.portforward.com ...like here:


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I've got an 'Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection' on my laptop. I hope this answers your first question. I terms of combo unit well... You might have to be more specific as I am sharing a house and this router was established by the landlord. Typical I know but one must do with what he is nowdays...

Would I be correct in saying that you recommend a static IP so that it never switches? In that case, even in the current settings in doesn't switch and I alter the router forwarding details in the event that it does...

I shall however have a look at the links that you kindly forwarded when I have a moment, thank you.

Strange how Azureus was cleared but not uTorrent; the conditions are the same...

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Thank you for following up... DSL I believe and in terms of what my landlord posesses well; all I can provide is the router details which are stated in the opening post of this topic. Is there anything specific that I should be checking? I'm pretty sure all bases were covered to open the ports :(

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