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ban list?


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What is ipfilter.dat?

This is a simple text file that specifies IP ranges to block. The format is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

You can also use single IPs on a line (i.e. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx). It ONLY supports blocks: it will ignore all text specified afterwards (such as what BLM and Tiny BLM does).

Do not pad IPs with 0s to ensure that it will work (i.e., write not, though it is reported to work anyway.

Each new IP or IP range must be placed on a new line.

Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent, and set ipfilter.enable to true in the Advanced.

To reload ipfilter.dat without restarting µTorrent (1.7+ only), view the Peers tab, right click, and select "Reload IPFilter."


ok this is from the FAQ

im too stupid to comprehend this

i make a wordpad file and all ips i want to ban then save it to the directory of utorrent and then? where is: Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent, and set ipfilter.enable to true in the Advanced.

ok i set ipfilter to true, so it should work but it dont sad


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P.S. Note that the .txt file must not have the extension .txt but .dat.

So in case you have your explorer gui not changed to also show known fileextensions, you might end up with something like ipfilter.dat.txt or similar.

Please make sure the filename is just ipfilter.dat and you press at least once RETURN after the last line in the file or it will not work for the last entry. (well known old bug)

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