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Tracker errors, please help


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Hello, Im a newb to these forums but have been using utorrent for over a year now.

I recently followed this video on youtube:


And to my success, it DID increase my download speeds substantially on torrents I already had running in utorrent (using newest version).

However, whenever I added a new torrent, REGARDLESS of having numerous seeds per the tracker, I cant connect. I tried restarting utorrent, and then ALL torrents (including the ones that were downloading fast before I closed it) have tracker errors now.

Help! What do I do?


So right now, I dont CURRENTLY have tracker errors, however, I still cant start new torrents Ive added. Whats wrong?


I apologize, I meant to post this in the troubleshooting section. Could a mod please move this?

Once again, I apologize.

Also, the error Im getting is that they've all "Timed out." One says invalid URL for one tracker, but all trackers are timing out at this time. How can I fix this?

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