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uTorrent freezes after some time


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This is first time I see thus bug.

I wanna download modarchive.org archive (they have own tracker). Size of files in torrent = 29Gb. =)

Is this size killing uTorrent or what? What you can say?

p.s. About 8 of 29 Gbs was downloaded when this bug occurs.

Can't show main window, net graph is low.

..terminate utorrent.exe process, run it again... he does recheck all 29gb, download ...500-600 Mbs and freezes up again... etc., etc....

Please help. My pre-paid i-net acces before 18 aug :P

Have a 3500\3500 cable connection. I must finish this torrent! :D Or... i gonna kill myself.. %) ..i think :P

Screenshot of the trouble =(


p.s. Sorry for my excellent english. :) Not my native language.

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Could it be a drive/memory problem...? Torrent size shouldn't be a problem, as I've seen people talk about downloading torrent contents 100+GB in size :|

Get Process Explorer from sysinternals.com, run it, File > Save, then post the contents of the saved process list in the .txt file here.

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Thanks to all, I thought that my topic abandoned for years from your help..so i decided to go my own way. =)

Yes, it was mem problem. I'v tested ram with the memtest+ (ubuntu boot dvd). Then removed first 128mb module(i have old 1.6 axp so removing 128 of 640 is very painful for perfomance)). Now all operating good. But damn it! So slow speed for such big torrent! Have 1.4 Roubles. 93,8$ done. F*CK! :D :D :D

And again, thanks! =)


Russians will never surrender! :D

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