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RSS Download dialog problem


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I got a minor problem with RSS Download.

I have set up a filter to download a release, let say "some.show.ep" that I want to download from any torrent sites that I have access to.

The problem is that if "some.show.ep" is downloaded from site #1 and then uTorrent notice that also site #2 has the torrent, then it will also download it from that site which will cause problems because uTorrent pop up a dialog asking me what I want to do with the torrent. It will keep asking me what to do at every Feed update until I pick an option, which is annoying since a lot of dialog boxes will pop up before I even notice them.

The choices I get are:

"It looks like the file you are about to download already exists in the folder for completed downloads. Do you want to use the data in that directory instead?"

Yes - Use the data in the complete folder.

No - Download the torrent from scratch.

Abort - Don't load this torrent; just skip it.

If I do happen to be at my computer and select the last option "Abort", nothing really happens because at next feed update, it will ask me again what to do.

Anyways, is there anyway to make the option "stick" ?. What I mean with that is that I always want that dialog to use the first option "Yes - Use the data...." when I am using the RSS Downloader.

Note: the reason that the RSS Downloader is actually downloading the "some.show.ep" from site #1 and then from site #2 is because site #2 adds a tag to the name of the episode, like this: "some.show.ep (TVRip)". This confuses the RSS Downloader, making it want to download from site #2 even if it has already downloaded that episode from site #1.

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