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Vista / Utorrent slow please help


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Hi all I have a problem with u-torrent,

I am running vista and have a 20meg broadband connection (virgin) on average I am hitting about 80 to 100 kB/s. I have done a speed test and I got the following results

Date/Time Downstream Upstream

TEST 1 17/08/07 19:48 15380.43 Kbps 718.72 Kbps

TEST 2 17/08/07 19:45 18683.20 Kbps 718.84 Kbps

i tried installing the new u-torrent 1.7.2 but that was even slower so i would like to stick with version 1.6.1

I have checked that the port I am using is open and that it is not blocked by any firewall etc.. IT IS AN OPEN/CLEAR PORT! Is there a recommended port to use?

The current torrent I have has got 27(99) SEEDS and 43(296) PEERS ? and i am only hitting 40kb/s with no other torrents running.

The little ball at the bottom of u-torrent screen is green and all OK

I have DHT enabled and Encryption Forced in the u-torrent settings.

A mate of mine has the 8meg line and he hits around 1meg d/l? How can this be?

What d/l speed should I be getting through u-torrent with a 20meg line? I thought I would get around 2 meg

if you need any more info please post a message and i will reply asap.

any help / ideas appreciated.



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i recomend immediate removal of VISTA, do a google search, they have keyloggers, that look like critial system tasks, and they log everything you do. I know a few people who have pending law suits against them for searching for copywrighted material, so,, yeah,, im sticking with XP then im going to Ubuntu when it get's upgraded to version 7.10...

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