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Upgrade to new version of Utorrent 1.7.2 and system is now acting up!


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After upgrading to the new version of utorrent my system is all of a sudden acting strange. It's much slower than before and whenever I log off the Utorrent program (meaning when I exit the program) anything I was downloading that hadn't finish seems to disappear, but not before the system crashes. It's so strange. I mean I've been doing so well with this program and now all of a sudden this mess! What am I doing wrong. I've seen that other people are having the same problem so I answer a few question if it would help to determine what my computer might be doing. I do have Norton Security program, AOL spyware removal. My firewall at this time isn't on because of the Norton Security program. I notice that whenever AOL spyware scan my computer the uTorrent program is in. I've been trying to add it to the spyware to let the system know that it's allowed, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Also there's a red dot next to the program in the spyware scan and the other spyware program that are found have a yellow dot by them. It's almost as if AOL spyware think it's dangerous or something.

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