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everything is OK! but the speed is slow @ utorrent


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i have done every setting for getting max speed


Port Forward is ok (Green light)

speed test is ok (@dsl reports)

and any other things is ok

here are the pictures..



i have AMD X2 4000+ and i know the issue about it, it is ok too..

wireless router=USrobotics 5461

wireless card=linksys WMP54G

wireless network is mine

anyone can help me?

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signal strengt is Perfect because the wireless device is in same room with my computer.

so there is no problem about wireless network..

ctrl+g settings i xx/2Mbit (my upload speed is up to 250kb/sn @ dslreports)

encriyption is enabled..

i try to download one torent but nothing changed.......

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my internet speed is very stong

sometimes i can upload 400kb/sn and download 500-600kb/sn at the SAME time..

but i try your settings xx/256 and nothing changed.. my down speed is 20-25kb/sn

i think the SECRET of SPEEDY DOWNLOAD is seeding... i will try to seed so much..

here is the link => http://www.aeonity.com/frost/secret-fast-torrent-downloading

now i have important problems

i bought a new system one week ago

and i recognized that while utorrent is running, 4 or 5 hours later my computer is freezes..(normally while utorrent is not running, YES computer never freezes, iam playing games surfing on the net and etc. and i dont power off my system while 25-30 hours, and it isn't frezes.)

i couldnot understand why it is freezes... :(

my system is

AMD X2 4000+

Twinmos DDR2 800

Asus M2N motherboard

nvidia FX8600GT 256mb GPU

SAMSUNG sata2 80gb HDD

i am sorry for my ugly english :(


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