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D/L seem fine U/L not so much...


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ISP is cogeco

Speed guide is at xx/640k

ports are forward

and yes I get the green check at the bottom...

when downloading speeds are fine around 70-300k

but on the same torrents uploads are next to nothing 0-1.2k

please help I am a new member on a private tracker and I don't want to look like a leacher thanx

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I did go through and check all Resources, and properlly set up my speed guide as per your Step by step instructions. to see if there was any work around and was disappointed to find out there in no solution to my problem. I understand now that My ISP in strangling my bandwidth. I was just hoping if there was anyone who has more information as to how to solve my problem.

Would connection to a Virtual Private Network fix it?

changing my IP: Temperamentally fix it?

I just want to know things that might work please any information will help

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Changing your ip or port almost certainly would NOT help.

A VPN might help.

Reducing µTorrent's settings immensely will at least let you better utilize what little speeds you are getting. If you're only able to download at 20 KiloBYTES/sec, you won't need 30+ connections to do it.

It would seem you can't set upload speed higher than 6 KiloBYTES/sec. ...and even that will probably never be reached now. :(

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