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poisoned Torrent???


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It can look for example like this: http://userland.info/stuff/Bittorrent-poisoning.jpg

If you are after all able to get from genuine peers genuine pieces it has no negative effect for the content since BT protocol has safeguards in place that make sure that you will have in the end file only the genuine content that the torrent creator intended to distribute.

You can use ipfilter.dat (see FAQ/Search Forum) to proactively block those IP ranges that poison systematicly

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I think that screenshot shows one of the newer forms of attacks.

The plan is to suck more bandwidth from the initial seeder leaving none for anyone else and thus prevent the sharing by making it prohibitavely expensive.

If none of those peers are actually seeding anything, they are not injecting bad pieces into the swarm, which is the old way of poisoning.

Also of note, there are no legal reasons why those peers should not upload anything. Being an agent of the copyright holders, and having permission to share copyright material, they can do what they want.

Often misunderstood is whether they used entrapment, or face prosecution themselves for uploading copyright data.

Entrapment only applies to officers of the law and they must induce you to commit an act you wouldn't otherwise have commited. Even if entrapment laws applied, you are already commiting the act without inducement.

They wont face charges for copyright infringment because, as mentioned, they have permission from the copyright holders.

Most likely, they don't upload anything because it doesn't serve their purposes.

Gathering evidence against the seeders only requires downloading from those seeds, not uploading.

Uploading any pieces they have simply allows more people to grab the material they want to protect. They're not going to do that if they don't have to.

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"Even if entrapment laws applied, you are already commiting the act without inducement."

If those damn US cliets would have never asked me to get the piece #xx i would have NEVER, FOR ANY REASON uploaded that damn piece to their damn ip...

are you sure that's not entrapment ? :|

PS: the current C&D letters show that they do not download... looks like they just have the peer id and hash from the tracker...

you can see that from the tracker url they report... in wich you can seed downloaded=0 ...

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