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utorrent speeds fine, everything else grinds to a halt


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My utorrent speeds are fine, what you would expect when torrenting.

However, no matter what speed utorrent is uploading or downloading (whether it's maxed out or nothing at all) as long as it's open, utorrent seems to take up all of my bandwidth.

I can't browse the web without having to wait a couple of minutes for a page to load, even when utorrent isn't downloading/uploading.

Any ideas why this could be happening? It's really frustrating having to switch off utorrent any time I, or someone else on the network wants to browse.

Cheers :)

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You've probably set at least one, possibly more than one, setting in µTorrent too high for your connection.

...So firstly, how fast is your connection both down AND up?

Secondly, what settings are you using in µTorrent, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

Thirdly, what changes have you made in advanced settings?

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