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Issue with Utorrent not reporting Upload RATIO


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I am a regular user of utorrent and use various sites to download bittorrent, i also use a site called demonoid whihc monitors my ratio, upload and download

I have dht enabled, my upload is at 60kb and download at 1500

I have recently noticed that when just seeding, utorrent does not report my upload to demonoid and my ratio has not changed for a long while, it will change when i download but not when i upload,

Please can someone assist with this issue, as i have uploaded 80gb and it hasnt even been reported on the site and my ratio is abysmal...

I was using a router a linksys, but dont believe its one of the ones mentioned in the forums, and with my router and without my router my upload ratio is not reported.....

Any questions email me and i will look at this thread daily

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