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staic ip problems


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Im having problems setting up a static ip i follow the instructions on portforward and get to the last bit (input static ip) and it tells me that because my default gateway and my dnc server are the same it cant do it but i copied them from the command box.

Im also getting 'no incoming connection' at the bottom and aslo the port is closed but despite all this utorrents still works just slow between 10 and 50 kbit/s was just hoping someone could help me fix this problem and make it a bit faster

Thanks for any help


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Hi, When you Do IPCONFIG /ALL does it show Actual DNS IP's or just your Default Gateway??

If it shows just your Default Gateway (Routers IP) then you can try this list as PF.com:


Or you can try this Program that will check all your Infono need to DL it just select Run:


If you still can Not find your DNS IP';s try calling your ISP and ask them but they will Probally Not give them to you and Dont mention that your are Setting up a Static IP as that will confuse them just request the DNS IP's

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Yeah i did iponfig/all and it gave me my ip, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server and dhcp server addresses, so is it right to say that your server names and default gateway shouldnt be the same? If not does anyone know how I can fix it?

Any help would be great thanks:)

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