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Slow speed HELP PLZ


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When the 98kb utorrent era ended the fast speed went with it for me. I don't know why now the speed is just so slow for me. My DL's usually around 1.5 ~ 5, my UL could get faster than that. I'm on ADSL and the DL speed used to always be around 80kbs. Now even when I have a lot of seeders and peers and only downloading one file at a time the speed is just so slow.

I've done what they said in the FAQs, nope, no improvement, nada.

Someone plz help.

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103 seeds, 20 peers.

Using 1.2 (because 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 cause more trouble for me)


Tracker Status: offline

How can I get connected users if the tracker is dead?

I have the same with other busy trackers. (320 peers)

2 minutes ago I had a upspeed of about 100KB/s

Now it dropped back to 3-10KB/s

My guess would be that with so many peers I always should be able to upload at full speed.

I guess not many of the peers cap their download speed to 1KB/s

I have this problem for around a week.

Sometimes I get 300+KB/s down for hours. Then suddenly it drops to a few KB/s for days.

Update while typing the openoffic torrent came alive. Max 62KB/s

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Something is wrong with your configuration, Capped. I'm one of the seeds of OOo, and the tracker is online... :| Personally, I think your ISP is screwing you, or you haven't port forwarded correctly. Try setting Lazy_Bitfield to *true in Advanced Options and see if that helps... :/

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