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Port no longer forwarded??


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Well, from what utorrent says, I don't have the correct port open. Now, for the last 4 weeks this hasn't been a problem. However, today I went on and I got a yellow ! mark so I'm like wtf. So I did "test if port is correctly forwarded and it says it's not...

I have a Linksys BEFSR41v4 router and here is what I have under port forwarding:


Also, at first when I did this, it didn't work, so I went under port triggering and did it and THAT made it work. I still have the settings under port triggering, does that make a difference?

The day before I was getting 800 kb/s (total) and now I'm getting like 100 kbs max.....

Also, I know these speeds have nothing to do with the seeder/peer ratio because it has a 10/2 radio :\.

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Hi, There is 2 Possible Problems in the Pic you have Port 6881 Sometimes Some ISP's Block that common port used by P2P Programs try in the 10000-50000 range.

Also you are forwading to the Default Gateway (Routers IP) this will NEVER work you will have to get a Static IP for your computer go here to see how to Choose & Setup a static IP:


You can Omit the Rules you made in Port Triggering as that will cvause a Conflict with Port Forwarding.


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