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No incoming connections.


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With my internet connection i can usually download at 60k/s on a good day, ever since i upgraded utorrent (i had 1.5 and now i have 1.7.2) my download rate went to 3-6k/s (or flat out 0 sometimes, and regardles of how funny it is to see an infinite sign under E.T.A., this needs fixing). the only difference that i noticed was a warning sign at the bottom of the screen that reads "no incoming connections". i unninstalled zone alarm, and shut down the windows xp firewall (there r currently no programs that should cut off utorrnet's internet access)

Also notice the upload speed is always 10-15k/s, which is normal.


Here are my computer specs, if u need anything else just let me know.


Asus p5w-dh deluxe

DDR2 2 GB PC 6400 800 mhz CORSAIR DOMINATOR (2x1024 MB DC kit) 4-4-4-12

XFX ge force 8600gt

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