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My downloaded files "dissapear" after a day or so


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Though relatively experinced with other BT clients, I am relatively new to using utorrent (1.7.2) and have run into a curious problem where files that I have definitely downloaded and show as 100%, have disappeared altogether without my using any of the remove options. At first I thought it was my imagination but as the torrent information still shows up in utorrent, I can only think it is for real.

I am downloading direct to a large portable hard drive which is connected and powered up at all times to conserve disk space on my PC. I was surprised therefore to see a few days after downloading a red file path error message show up in utorrent and on looking at the download directory that the file(s) had gone completely. It could be a disk error but has not affected other files kept on the same drive. I have been using the ut filename option during downloads so wonder if the files might be damaged somehow when they finally get renamed. Otherwise its a complete mystery.

I hope to investigate the possibilty of a disk probelm using some disk and file recovery tools, but wonder if anyone else has sufferd the same issues with self destructing downloads. And where are my files?

PS: I note that this problem is very similar to that reported below although a network is not really involved as opposed to a portable drive.


I would also add that this is not a windows filename length problem either as it affects only a few files amongst a dozen or so more or less the same namelengths and properties.

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