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yet another problem with slow/interrupted internet connection


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Hi. First of all, sorry for my bad english.

I have ping problems in online games, and ventrilo, when utorrent is seeding or downloading something. I have tried everything from the sticked topic http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258231, and nothing helped. Every time I start utorrent, my ping is 1000-5000 in game, same thing in Ventrilo (voice communication program).

My connection speed is 4Mbit/s download, 350kbit/s upload, via Cable Modem. According to speed test my maximum upload speed is ~40kbytes/sec. Utorrent version is 1.7.2 (tried to use older ones, but difference in this particular problem between them are low or none for me) I am using WinXP Pro SP2 and my TCPIP.SYS is patched. DHT is disabled, UPnP and NAT-PNP is disabled aswell, peer resolve country is disabled. My ports are forwarded properly (pointer is always green). I was trying to use Speed Guide setting for connection Type "xx/384K" and "xx/256k", I was trying to use custom settings, with maximum upload limit 25kbyte/sec, and download limit 300kbytes/sec. All of this doesnt help to lower my ping. Ive tried to lower maximum global number of connections to 20, max half open to to 4, even 2, upload slots to 1. This helped a little, ping started jumping around 500-800, but still this is not acceptable in my conditions. I dont see the point to keep lowering even more those settigs, because upload and download rates will suffer alot as far as I understand.

My ping only getting normal (50-150 in-game, 30-50 in Ventrilo) when my maximum upload rate is set to 15kbytes/sec or lower. But I dont see the point using utorrent with such low settings.

I gave up and tried to use another bittorrent client, FlashGet, and well I dont have such problems with it. I can seed on 30kbytes/s without any problems with ping. Strange thing.

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Hallo all together!

I have a similar Problem:

When utorrent runs, my internet connection is slowing down until it is killed!

When I want to browse through the internet, I have to close utorrent completely, only

stopping the downloads has no effect!

My suggestion is, that there has to be a problem with the new release 1.7.2, because my

speed problem has taken place since this - and ONLY this !!! - release is installed!

Did somebody came to the same conclusion?

I'm working with Win XP, SP2 and a 16Mbit (download) broadband connection.

What the hell is decreasing a 16Mbit connection until sometimes ZERO?

Even if my Computer is not the youngest (Athlon XP 1900+ - I'm not the gaming type of

computer users), my hardware is not the problem! (when it comes to the decreasing

internet speed...)

I'm not using any other filesharing programs.



PS: Forgive me for my bad english - it is not my first language.

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I would love to use the settings that Speed Guide wants me to set, but if I set them in

this way, my provider cuts my connection after one hour. You can believe me, that I'm

feeling not very good with an maximum upload of 23kbit. But, what is better? To be

every hour disconnected or to have an steady Upload of 23kbit?

I would also love to change my provider, but this is practically impossible, because I have

no ADSL here. It is simply not available, because the german telekom says "Oh, a little

village wants DSL? NO interest in THAT!" - I have Cable and there is only one provider

in my region...

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