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I need some help. What is a normal download/upload speed? Currently I am at an average of Down: 20.8 kB/s;Up: 19,8 kB/s. I know this is pretty slow, but what is an average speed(s)?

I ran upload and download tests several times to give you and idea of my capabilities. Here are my results.

TEST 1 Download :: 666 Kbps or 0.67 Mbps (81 kB/s)

Upload :: 914 Kbps or 0.9 Mbps (112 kB/s)

TEST 2 Download :: 157 Kbps or 0.16 Mbps (19 kB/s)

Upload :: 961 Kbps or 1 Mbps (117 kB/s)

Any help would be appreciated. I am not completely illiterate to computer issues, but I am not nearly proficient as I would like to be.


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There is no such thing as "average." It all depends on your connection. BitTorrent does not guarantee speeds, as you're relying on the upload bandwidth of other users, which is (more often than not) divided among other peers.

Run the Speed Guide and select the proper upload rate for your connection, make sure your port is forwarded, and be patient. That's about all you can do. Just for testing, check how a torrent from here runs.

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