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from version 1.7.3 i have these problem when i am download i can not work correctly with the browser the pages even the page that set up my router are extremely slow

i have not touch anything in my settings and i was work correctly until these release

has anyone got an idea ?

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ok here are the settings

Disable IP resolving ok

disabling DHT ok

UPnP and NAT-PMP disable

peer.resolve_country disable

maximum global number of connections 167(my upload is 409 kB/s with the speed test i have made)

Lower net.max_half open i have tried from default 8 until 2 )

patched tcp/ip ok

green triangle ok

connection of the router with Ethernet cable

router model is vigor 2700

enable Protocol Encryption

peer.lazy_bit field is enabled

my isp does not throttle with p2p programs

in every effort that i have made i have erase settings dat and settings.dat.old before the configure then restart my pc and router

my isp is forthenet in greece

and the only security i have is kaspersky anti virus with the exceptions for u torrent

also i have put an exception in windows firewall for u torrent and for the port i am use

i haven't got any problems until yesterday only the usual ones with download speed

*the only think that i have not ever touch is bittorent section where says protocol encryption outgoing i had always put there enable is it possible that i must put there another option maybe forced or disable?

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Yes, do try FORCED encryption.

It sounds like you may really only have 409 kilobits/sec upload speed...so in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) the closest setting is only xx/384k. 409 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed is over 3 megabits/sec -- and unless you have a fiber-optic line or business line, that is extremely unlikely in Greece...or almost anywhere else for that matter. :(

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thats the settings i am currently use:

max upload 38

default upload slots per torrent 4

maximum number of connections per torrent 100

maximum number of connections globally 167

max simultaneous downloads 2

max active torrents 2

use additional slots <90% active(checked)

lower net max half open 8

is these settings right?or i have to leave them in whatever settings are by default in Speed Guide for //384?

and try with forced encryption on?

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