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PC-Cillin 2007 (firewall issues?)


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I've been using uTorrent for about a year now and have had Trend Micro 06/07 for <1 year.

Recent updates to both have made it imposable for both to be used at the same time, for periods longer than 5 minutes.

If I have Trend Micro open and then open uTorrent to start downloading within about 5 minutes I'll get a BSOD (0x4000080 - but never any listed programs). But if I turn off Trend Micro, I can download normally without any problems.

I think that perhaps the firewall goes crazy with all the connections that uTorrent does while downloading files. I've gone in and enabled all connections for uTorrent in the firewall options but its still a no go :|

I'd rather not have to keep my virus scan down for the time that I am downloading.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks =]

edit: It bluescreened again while doing a windows update through MSIE (first time ever). Maybe I need to reinstall PC-Cillin a 2nd time ;o

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Somehow I got Pc-Cillin to work without blue screening for awhile but just in case I've uninstalled it and am now trying out Kaspersky suite.

Download speeds are not affected, yet somehow upload speeds have been cut in half. But somehow ping is lower (on test sites and in CS).

However when playing resource heavy games like WoW it takes alot longer to exit and ping seems to be a little higher, even with settings set for maximum speed.

On the complete positive side though no more BSOD's so far =]

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