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Downloading automatically from right-click in Opera


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okay...so i wanted to start dowloading torrents with a single click on the files' links

i searched around n got nothin, so i decided to do it myself

after some searching/testing i came up with this rather clumsy way to download automatically from a customized right-click in Opera...maybe this could be a temporary solution to some people who wanted to do this, as it is for me now (waiting for more command line options)

a simple batch file did the trick (after getting curl)

i used that to download the torrent file to a folder, launched utorrent to start the torrent from the local file, then deleted it

i'm sure most of you guys can write much better batch files, so share them ok? =]

here's what i got working

@echo OFF

::navigate to folder where curl resides

curl -o drive:\file_path\filename.torrent %1

::navigate to folder where utorrent resides

START /B utorrent /directory "drive:\target_path" "drive:\file_path\filename.torrent"

::force cmd wait 3 seconds so that it doesnt delete

::the .torrent file before utorrent launches (might work with 1 or 2 seconds)

PING -n 3

::navigate to file_path\filename.torrent

del filename.torrent


i guess that's pretty straight forward...

the http link is the %1 parameter on the curl command

the way i get it from opera is from a customization on standard_menu (1).ini:

Item, "Download with uTorrent"="Execute program, "Drive:\bat_path\batfile.bat", "%L", "Download with uTorrent", "Save document as""

i modified it under the [image Link Popup Menu] as that covered my needs but i guess most opera users would add that line under [Link Popup Menu]

the "%L" is the link, opera launches the bat file with that parameter upon a click on the right-click menu

i havent tried it on ff or other browsers, but it should be simple to make it work

hope that helps =D

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I did:


*Uncheck 'Hide file types opened with Opera'

*selected the mime type "application/xbittorent" with the file extension "torrent"

*clicked on edit

*selected "open with other application"

*clicked "choose"

* entered the filepath location of utorrent.exe

*clicked save

been working great...now i just click on the torrent link, utorrent opens right up with the window of the torrent and its contents displayed...this was faster for me then right clicking and pasting url into utorrent!

(p.s. I know this post is old...but i know people read old posts so thought I'd throw it in...)

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