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Slow internet speed after recent Utorrent upgrades


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I've change ISP 2 weeks ago, And in the meanwhile also updated Utorrent to latest versions.

I've noticed that my Internet surfing is VERY slow, And because I use Emule and utorrent simultaniously (Although I have 30kb/s upload bandwisth and I shar 6 for Utorrent and 11 for emule), I thought it is a bandwidth issue.

I tried disabling emule, and change versions, But it didn't really helped. I even tried to change ports on my 3com router for Emule and utorrent (40000,50000 for utorrent), but NADA.

I even changed my network card from integrated NVIDIA to a realtek 8139, But even that did not helped. (there were some rumers in some furoms that the nvidia is sometimes buggy with p2p clients).

Only today after I replaced Utorrent with Azareus, problem was solved !!! And now I can surf at much faster speed while emule is running too in the background.

I guess latest Utorrent builds have some issues need to be fixed.

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Ok, Tried ALL the things in the troubleshooting guide and now Utorrent seems to work fine. It seems that what made the different is the TCPIP patch, But I'm not 100 sure of that because I did ALL the changes and didn't stopped myself to check how it works after every change.

THANK YOU , Happy to use Utorrent again :)

P.S. The only thing that annoys me, Is that when i use the port checker from time to time it won't give me the green OK...But after another few seconds test, It will be Ok....

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