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Limited Download/Upload Speed, but with plenty of bandwidth left.


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I have 5Mbs/2Mbs fiberoptic to my house and I cannot achieve a total download speed any greater than 618 kb/s. My network utilization at max download speed is always under 60% and I cannot download any faster than 618 kb/s. I've downloaded faster with other programs. Please help, I'm sure it is a minor setting somewhere that I overlooked.


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618 KiloBYTES/sec file transfer speeds uses at least 5 megabits/sec download bandwidth.

If the data is uncompressed, your internet connection may be using a light compression format on it to achieve higher speeds than this...plus it may burst briefly faster than that.

However most torrent files are highly compressed to begin with, so they will be limited to less than the real bandwidth available.

Using lots of connections at once in µTorrent, plus running all the extra features (most of which are ON by default) can decrease the amount of bandwidth available to file transfers. It's called "overhead" and it can only be reduced...not completely eliminated.

In Speed Guide (CTRL+G), you shouldn't be using settings much faster than those given by xx/2mbit -- as that's all the upload bandwidth you supposedly have.

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