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Effects of Encryption?

Mr. Black

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Haven't found any info on it, so my questions are:

- Besides attempting to bypass a possible ISP block/limit, what are the exact effects of encryption? (For instance effect on download/upload speed, CPU, memory, etc.)

- Besides directly contacting one's ISP, how could you discover if they throttle Bittorrent activity?

- If you disable/enable encryption and apply this setting while μTorrent is active, is the effect immediately applicable?

- How about other settings? Do they require a restart of the program?

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1) Technically increases CPU usage but this is neglectable even on older machines.

2) Methods of throttling vary. If you want to check out a ISP before getting a subscribing to a line from them googling and scouring forums is the best way.

If you're already with an ISP comparing your download and/or upload with the speeds you get from speed tests and with the speed you subscribed to seems like the most logical action :P

3) Might take a bit. You will need to form encrypted connections with peers. Stopping (NOT pause) and starting all torrents should make sure all new connections are attempted (or forced depending on your settings) with encryption.

4) Restarting isn't needed but you could do it to start with a clean slate :) There isn't a big difference between that and stopping and starting all torrents.

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